The Saturday City: Venice

Venice is a city for couples. As a single traveler backpacking Venice, I didn’t really enjoy Venice though I could see its appeal as a romantic city. It’s beautiful. A gondola ride with your lover while watching the city go past- priceless. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I present Venice, described far better than my words every could do:

Venice Italy grand canal

Venice Italy grand canal from a bridge

woman cleaning in Venice Italy

Venice Italy riders

Venice Italy riders

Venice Italy riders

Venice Italy riders

Venice Italy riders

…and finally, a little mood music:

Venice, Italy is a beautiful city. There are better budget destinations in Italy but Venice is worth a visit for its canals, historic architecture, meandering and maze like layout (half the fun of Venice is getting lost), and seafood markets.

  1. Christie

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of Venice. We are planning to go to Italy in 2010 and I get all excited seeing photos :) Definitely hoping for that romantic vibe!
    Have you written any posts about experiences in Italy that perhaps we could benefit from?
    I was also wondering – your list of travel goals in the left sidebar – how many/which ones have you reached? I really want to make a list like that for myself!
    Of your list, I haven’t done many, but I’ve done… #23 – Vegas, #24 – Greek Island Hop, and WILL be doing #41 – Glacier National Park on our honeymoon in May.
    Thanks so much, your blog is so helpful and inspiring!

  2. I’ve been to Venice twice, both times solo – the second time for three days. It also didn’t do it for me though I did enjoy the islands (especially the less touristy ones) and walking the backstreets where a couple of your photos are from. No cars is a great blessing.

  3. Ive been to venice… sat city that Ive actually been to and I liked walking down the little roads, getting lost..and we stayed in Murano and we almost missed the last ferry or water taxi as it was called…have blogged abt it as well ..

  4. I went to Venice with a group of friends, which was a decent way to go. But I agree with your assessment that Venice is for couples. Too much romance concentrated in too small an area to ignore that fact when you’re there. It’s also for mild or warm weather. We were there in December. I don’t recommend it!

  5. Hey Matt,

    I’m not so sure about the gondola. Even though I was there with my wife, I thought that it would be pretty awkward to be on one as many tourists are actually taking pictures of the gondolas that went pass them as they were walking along the banks.

    I was lucky as St. Peter Square was flooded a couple of weeks after I left Venice. Thanks for the pictures!

  6. Hi Matt – what was it about Venice that you didn’t mesh with? I tend to agree – my favorite Italian city (and just as romantic) is Florence. If not just for the city – the surrounding countryside is stunning too!

  7. NomadicMatt

    @chrisite: a lot. just search the search bar.

    @mich: don’t worry! I will!

    @lakshimi: see one down, 20 more to go!

    @tanya: well, next time you go back, go with your boyfriend in the summer!

    @CK: I was one of those people taking photos lol

    @Tamara: It was just wasn’t a single persons city….I do love Florence and tuscany better. but who doesnt!

  8. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard or read “CITY NAME is like the Venice of the PICK ANY REGION”

    Venice is unlike any place in the world. It’s amazing.

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