Unusual Place of the Month: The Mars Restaurant

By Nomadic Matt | Published September 29th, 2008

Mars 2112 Restaurant in NYCThe Mars Restaurant is a space-themed restaurant located in New York City. It opened years ago and caters to tourists and families, as children seem to really love the walking aliens. Mars 2112 mixes fantasy and reality in a 35,000-square-foot, bi-level restaurant.

Mars 2112 tries to create the experience of a meal on the planet Mars as it would seem in a hundred years. Reached by way of a sunken plaza, Mars 2112 features a 22-foot flying saucer, frozen in flight outside the entrance. Inside, visitors are issued Martian Federation visas and sent to wait for a “shuttle” to Mars — a motion ride that bumps and moves for about five minutes through a computer-generated wormhole.

Guests then take a short walk on walkways suspended over pools of simulated bubbling lava. This odd, space-themed, 400-seat restaurant has two levels and looks ready to be in the next Sci-Fi Channel movie. The windows are holes in the wall that offer views of fake star fields and Martian landscapes. The restaurant has a bar for adults and an arcade for little kids. It’s a good place to go for a wacky party or to take the kids.

The food is priced similar to many of the restaurants in the area, and a meal will cost about $20, including drink. Mars 2112 is located in New York’s Times Square.

Next time you are in the area and looking for a place that is a little weird, a little odd, or a little spacey, check out this restaurant. Be sure to ask where ET is!

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I guess restaurants all over are trying unique themes to invite people..i guess its not the food anymore :) loved the pictures

Cool. The next time friends visit with children I’m going to suggest this.

How am I only now discovering this awesome series??!! I think I’m in love…

Ron in L.A.

Just don’t eat there, the food is horrible.

R(etc… )

Looks interesting, but I can think of better ways to spend $20.

It sounds a good expereince to try (once). Depends how good the food is I guess.

I think I went there when I was in high school on a school trip! Wow, I had totally forgot about that.

Can I get my drink at the Mars Bar?


@lakshmi: normal restaurants just seem so boring now!

@Ron: I heard mix things. Strikes me more of a place you go for for the “haha” factor than the food.

@Jamie: Thanks!

@Beth: Yes, actually you can! lol

Debo Hobo

One can always count on NYC to come up with the wild and unusual.:)


Hi Matt,

Actually, Mars 2112 isn’t located in Times Square, but a few blocks north. It’s located on 1633 Broadway between W. 50th and W. 51st — I worked in the area which is how I know :)



Been there a few times, we will come again.

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