Over a Dozen Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel More

Earlier today, a community member sent me a link to this video. It’s put together by Buzzfeed, and while I wouldn’t normal link to them, I thought this travel video was filled with good information that only reinforces the fact that travel makes you awesome.

Between the facts and images, I was hooked and wanted to re-share this video with you here. There’s not much more to say so here it is. Enjoy!

My own experience has shown me that everything in this video is true. Travel has made me a much better person – it’s made me more confident, social, happy, knowledgable, and content.

What do you think of this video? Does travel make you a better person? How has it made you a better person?

  1. Anne Godwin

    Agreed. I love to travel. Looking at tickets to Tulum now. Interesting to think that short trips make you just as happy. I’m glad Jody Sweeney posted this. I’m Karen Sweeney’s sister. Good stuff on your blog.

  2. Everything in this video is true! There’s nothing like going for dinner with a beautiful stranger you just met or sharing life goals with a group of folks at your hostel.

    Travel opens up the possibilities.

  3. Sam

    I loved that video – it was so true. It’s been far, far too long since I hit the road. Time to start sorting out my next adventure, thanks for sharing Matt! :)

  4. Awesome video! Travelling has made me more outgoing, more intuitive, more independent, more easy going & definitely smarter! The list could go on & on… What I can say is travelling has made me a much better person over all & has done more for me than school ever has. x

  5. It’s so true I had to re-share it on my blog.

    I love the part where they mentioned that you would be equally happy when you go for a short weekend getaway. This is really important as it’s really difficult to get long leaves during work days for long travels. Time to plan for a weekend trip to somewhere new!

  6. Loved the video! It has a lot of great points. After travelling for more than two months now (and more than 2,600 km of Europe covered on bike) I feel so much more positive. Before, I could be somewhat negative and see the worst in people. Now, I see the world in a more positive way and I’ve met so many amazing people… Now I’m sure that people are generally good.

    Love the way travel changes you…

  7. Travel is much like art; it makes you think, it makes you uncomfortable at times, often it can cement your beliefs, sometimes it challenges your entire world. Whatever the outcome – it’s done its job because epiphany or minute alteration… you’ve changed since you traveled.

  8. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING! Especially the ‘best travel accessory is someone you love’ part. Weekend getaways – no matter how short – will certainly be unforgettable when you’re with someone special. :)

    And yeah, traveling makes you smarter. It even allows you to learn new languages, and nothing beats that!~

  9. I love this video! All of it is so true! I’m interviewing for jobs at the moment and feel like I should show them this as an example of all the skills travel gives you! :)

  10. Debbie

    All that AND travel gives you a global perspective. You eventually realize that we really are all pretty much the same. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” Mark Twain

  11. Oh Yes. Travel is a great leveller too. It makes you humble. Most important – it teaches you that whichever country you are from when you travel you will realise that human beings though look different from outside are internally same – same desires, fears, requirements etc – across the world. That is the beauty of travel. It enriches life!

  12. the $300 shoes is probably pretty true. I can’t forget the amount of money I spent on shoes. Because $300 is A LOT. But, I can forget about wanting to buy another pair because I spent that next $300 on travel. =)

  13. Elora

    I’m really hoping to visit California and England in 2015. This is just fuel to the fire! Friends to see, new ones to make! Whoo!

  14. My boyfriend and I just started our journey! When I saw this, It made me happier that I had left and took the time to start exploring! :) I know it’ll be amazing!

  15. Patrick Smith

    Love this video! I need to share this with family and friends. They think I am crazy when I talk to them. Maybe this will wake them up!

  16. Aleta

    I took my 5yr old backpacking this year for 4 months. People are astounded, shocked, in awe an equally mortified at just the two of us travelling but I can’t begin to quantify how amazing it was for him. People always ask “how’d you go? I bet it was so hard?” But I always laugh and say no actually, the travel was the was the easy part, it was amazing, just our damn food allergies sent us home early. They’re always dumbfounded that it wasn’t terrible and gruelling! Travel at any age is profound, fun, frustrating, humbling… Ahh the list could go on!

  17. Dorian

    Thank yo for this Video, We are at the begging of our adventures and this video reinforces my believes in this new decision.
    Thank you

    *can someone tell me how to change avatar.

  18. Michael Atlas

    Nice article Matt.

    I agree that traveling has a lot of benefits, particularly with experiencing something new. But one thing I’d like to point out is the cost of traveling. It seems that people are swayed away from traveling simply because the costs of doing so are too high.

    What must be realized though is that there are several ways to significantly reduce costs of travel. One I can think right off the top of my head is mystery shopping for a company. One company I know that does this is SQM (Link: http://goo.gl/o67Rq5 ). You potentially reduce costs by almost half by using such services. Might be a good idea.

  19. Lars

    Besides that traveling has a positive impact on the traveller I am convinced that it also supports having more peace on earth. Getting to know other cultures and gathering experiences helps to understand other “minds”. Where there is understanding there is less conflict.

  20. Caroline

    I had always wanted to get out of being “land locked” in Ontario and decided to voyage as far west as I could go. Together with some friends, we made our way through Alberta and out to BC, and then right to the coast of Vancouver and over to Vancouver island, then headed to a little town called Tofino. The road to get there takes forever but it’s like a little paradise at the edge of world. We didn’t know that you could actually surf in Canada. We took surfing lessons with Live To Surf http://www.livetosurf.com and had an amazing time riding waves and swallowing salt water! We stayed in a beautiful vacation rental cabin at Chesterman Beach called the Dunes http://www.thedunestofino.com. So nice to have a hot tub after surfing!
    We were told to try the tacos at Tacofino and were so happy we did. The food in Tofino is to die for! We also went whale watching, fishing and even met some of the local natives. We were all a little sad to go home, but felt blessed to realize the importance of travel and can’t wait to make another trip out West again!

  21. Even so, I see a plethora of people with a ton of money who could easily afford to travel anywhere in the World, but they choose not to do so. In fact, many of these are actually “travel haters”, snobs.

    A weird habit that some people with plenty of money have is to visit the exact same location over and over again, once every year! Exact same spot again and again…
    They live a routine repetitive life and they do the same thing when they travel.

    It’s wicked how some have such a deep attachment to rigid routine!

  22. Just stumbled across this post and was re-inspired to travel. At the end of a busy 8 month backpacking trip across South and Central America, there are somedays you just want to through in the towel and go home. But then you come across some great travel inspiration and no matter how lost, hungry or tired you are, it helps to keep you going. Thanks for sharing! Made me re-read my own post on 5 Reasons Everyone Should Travel: http://girlgonegallivanting.com/5-reasons-travel/

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