How to Get the Perfect Travel Credit Card

By Nomadic Matt | Published June 19th, 2013

This week’s travel video is on travel related credit cards. It’s a subject I’ve brought up a lot on this blog but since I haven’t in awhile, I thought reposting this video from Youtube would be helpful for many of you.

Here is a basic primer on the subject:

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I’ve also written in depth about the subject here too: Picking a travel credit card

If you have any questions about this topic, ask in the comment section!

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Hey Matt, Thanks for the tips! I still use my credit card from my bank in Holland. I never thought about taking a special travel credit card. Might consider now to take a travel credit card!

Great to see what’s in the wallet of a life traveller. Just came across a similar topic on another site a couple of days ago. Katie hates Capital One. I don’t have informed feelings one way or the other but thought I’d share.


Thanks for the tips. (And a shout out to Glen Tibaldeo for the link to the katieaune blog regarding problems with Capital One; I think I’ll investigate ditching Capital One for Charles Schwab.) Another thing to consider when deciding on foreign travel cards is whether or not they charge foreign transaction fees. My Merrill Lynch Signature VISA does not. Also, I recently learned that this card lets me pay for hotel stays with points AFTER I incur the charge. When I receive my statement, I can call them and tell them to pay for the hotel (apparently any hotel I pay for with this card) with points. It’s a penny a point, so a $300 hotel bill will cost me 30,000 points.

Reading this post got my buns in gear to finally set up a travel rewards credit card. Applied and approved a few minutes ago. Now I just need to actually use it… Thanks for the motivation. It probably would not have happened otherwise…


Glad I could help! Now use it and go somewhere awesome.


Here’s another tip: Bank of America has ties to both Barclays Bank in the UK and BNP in France (and probably a few other European countries I’m unaware of). You can use your BofA ATM card in Barclays and BNP ATMs without an ATM fee. We opened a small BofA account just for our trip to the UK.


TD Bank ATM card has no foreign transaction fees – anywhere. No need to look for a particular bank, but it might incur a local bank fee. Look for a similar bank, if TD Bank is not available.

I already have a credit card but rarely used it now i try to use it as much as i can. My husband just got hir premier miles TC i wish we had the same options you have in US but the best one that we have gave us 10000 miles and those seem to be fine by us.

Awesome post! My husband and I just recently got a travel rewards card and I’m already excited about saving up some points. We’ll probably be using the points mostly for airlines, but you gave some great tips for all kinds of cards. Thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome.

Hey Matt, thanks for touching on the subject again, from working in finance I have noticed a few travel specific credit cards coming on the market, also with many of the existing credit cards offering travel insurance.

We also just changed over to a Qantas FF credit card, its very temping to apply for a heap of credit cards and then close them off just to get the points but its actually a bad thing in Australia as it affects your credit rating, they look at how many applications you make rather than how well you are paying your current liabilities! Sadly not something taught in schools so people find themselves in large holes and are unable to get any credit!


Dear Matt, great advice through your book for US residents! How about the rest of us? is only for US residents, REI backpacks not available in Europe etc. Think of us as well.

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