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By Nomadic Matt | Published July 3rd, 2010

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As I mentioned in a previous post, last week was the 2nd annual travel blogging conference. Besides having an awesome video that re-inspired me and being a great excuse for 250 travelers to party together, it was also a chance to meet some of the other travelers I spent most of my day talking to and whose websites I frequently read. While a lot of attention always goes to the “top sites” out there, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great travel blogs like these:

Candice Does the World– Candice has a great blog about life in Canada, is an awesome person, a redhead, and helped me research my book on teaching English overseas.

Travel Yourself – Run by Cailin O’Neil, I first met her at La Tomatina in Spain last year.  Her site contains inspiring travel videos I only wish I had the video skills to produce.

Two Backpackers– Making their way through Central and South America, Jason and Aracely are settling into Quito for a bit. Their articles give great insight into life in Latin America, their photos are beautiful, and they too make great videos.

Backpacking Matt– Matt is not only awesome for sharing my name but he gives good backpacking tips and insight into life in New Zealand where he currently is with his girlfriend.

Hop and Jaunt– Aly and John have a beautifully designed website and are the folks who made my ebooks all pretty.  They are creative and outgoing people and that comes through in their blog posts.

Ottsworld– I’ve been in contact with Sherry for over two years now (I helped build her website). Her blog contains great photos and information on Nepal, India, and Vietnam. She also runs another site, Briefcase to Backpack, for those looking to escape the corporate world but not sure how to do so.

Twenty Something Travel– Stephanie is a twenty something traveler who is about to embark on her round the world trip. We kept asking her what happens to the website when she turns 30 and she assured us she already owns that url too. Phew!

Foxnomad– Anil is a fellow Massachusettsite. His website is a good reference point for travelers looking for information on building their own website, finding good travel products, and needing good travel advice.

Art of Backpacking- This website is about (you guessed it!) backpacking and is an excellent resource for those looking to put on a pack and wander the world.

Day Dream Away– Abby is a New Yorker who now resides in one of my favorite countries in the world- Costa Rica. I got to meet her this weekend and got incredibly jealous of her tan. She’s a great writer and just as fun in person as she is on her website.

Johnny Vagabond– Wes’ writing is funny, witty, and clever and its that genius that got him into the finalists for my Costa Rica giveaway. I met him a few months back in Bangkok and he is currently exploring the wonders of Southeast Asia.

The Road Forks– This blog combines two of my favorite things: food and travel. The site offers a great look at the culinary cuisine of places around the world. They are currently exploring the wonders of food in China.

So on this long weekend, when you feel bored, go check out these websites (or these other travel blogs) and give them a read. Let them inspire you like they do me. They are a good read and a great place for travel tips. (After all, there’s only so much I can experience and write about!)

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Thanks for the mention man! We need to chill around the city sometime. The other blogs are all on my top as well.

Hey Matt

Several of these blogs are among my favorite as well. Anil has provided me invaluable info and I recently met Abby as well (online)- I will soon publish an interview I did with her on my travel blog. I could not assist to the TBEX gathering this time, but from what I’ve read in several places the best of it was being able to meet fellow bloggers, rather than the conferences. I infer you agree with this as well


I follow all of these blogs, great picks!

Woot, thanks for the shout-out, Matt! I appreciate it. It was awesome meeting you, make sure St. John’s is one of your stops one of these days!

Matt – thanks so much for the shout out! Much appreciated and we hope that we get to meet you at TBEX next year.

Thanks for the mention, Matt! Very much appreciated. Will seeya at TBEX next year, if I don’t bump into ya on the road in the meantime.

Cheers for the mention Matt. Good luck settling down in NYC.

Matt is another great site with some awesome writers.

Thanks for this post Matt! We may not get massive traffic – but we work hard bringing people great travel insights – it’s nice to be recognized!
It was super meeting you at TBEX…finally…after all of those phone calls 2 years ago trying to get my site up and running. It certainly paid off…cheers.
Enjoy NYC!

Thanks for the shout out Matt! :)
Lets get together sometime and I’ll follow you around with a camera and help you make your own show! “The Adventures of Nomadic Matt!” ? haha You should also take up Candice’s offer of visiting St. Johns that city can show you one hell of a time!

cool, I’m certainly gonna check out these websites.

A whole heap of great travel sites! Love looking at them all!

Thanks for this list – I’ve found a few more bloggers to follow! Had to stop about a third of the way down as I was in danger of losing my whole day spent pouring over blogs!

Wow, what’s a girl gotta do to get on this list. Right. Attend TBEX. Whoops. :)

All of these travel blogs are awesome sauce. It’s amazing to call them my peers. Bravo to them!

Awesome list – I picked up a few new blogs for my already crowded Google reader

Thanks very much for including me Matt. I consider myself an honorary Massachusettsite – and it was a pleasure meeting you. Your ebook really changed things for me in terms of blogging and if anyone asks if it’s worth it, I tell them it is 10 times over.


It was great finally meeting you and glad my ebook was so helpful for you!

Excellent list and in addition to Mike’s thanks, I will extend and add mines! Thanks for the mention for AOB!

Great article, if any travel bloggers are interested in coming out to Vermont, we just opened Hostel Tevere in Warren. We are looking to get on the map with my travel bloggers etc and would love to extend an open invite to anyone who might be up our way. Any tips on how to get into some guide books?

Haha. . . glad to hear that Stephanie has locked down 30 something travel! Great list.

Thanks for the recommending reading list. Very helpful.

Thanks for the great mention, Matt. It was good to finally meet over a cold beer.

Thanks for this list of undiscovered travel blog gems.
As usual, it was fun re-connecting with you again in New York!
See you in Vancouver, BC in 2011.
What a Trip

Thanks Matt for the mention. Looking forward to giving you a Brooklyn food tour in August.


Hey Matt!

I think Julia Dimon’s blog, Travel Junkie Julia is worth mentioning.
She’s also a TV personality and occasionally have shows on MSNBC.


I’m well aware of Julia! I’ve met her a few times.

Time for an adventure. Thanks for posting! :)

Wow, several on here that I haven’t heard of before — thanks for the great list!

Matt, thanks for the info I am goign to check out some of these places.

fajas colombianas

Thanks for the great mention, Matt. It was good to finally meet over a cold beer

Truly, being a neophyte travel blogger, the sites mentioned here, including your’s of course, serve as my inspiration in the travel blogging path that I am wading right now.


Glad we all can be of help

Magnificent blog, very informative. You must continue your writing. Im confident, you have a great readers base already!

Thank you for the information. I am the Social Media Manger of High Asia Tours specialized in tours to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, and your list provides me the inspiration to enhance my company website. Thanx for sharing. :)

Matt, great list. I am owner of Nature Trail, travel and tour company in Nepal. You blog is great. I will follow it regularly.

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