Things to Do in Brussels

Editor’s Note: I’m still using Windows Movie Maker. Once I get into Bangkok next month, I’m going to take a video editing class and use Adobe but, for now, I fixed some of the sound issues, made the video MUCH shorter, the transitions better, and a short opening credit.

More Information on Brussels

  • I didn’t have a chance to film everything. Some things worth seeing not in the video include Notre Dame, The Palace of Justice (which is phenomenal), Jeanneke Pis (The Little Girl Pissing), and Petit Sablon, a park with 48 statues representing the old guilds.
  • Brussels is a tiny city and incredibly walkable.
  • No one ever checks tickets on the tram. You could get away with not paying. Whether you do or not, is your moral issue.
  • The area near the Palace of Justice as well as the Place Jordan is great for dining and drinking.
  • Wondering about frites (fries), beer, or waffles?  That is coming up in a different post.
  • Skip the Beer Museum, it’s not worth the Euros. Instead, head to the brewery in the video.
  1. I noticed that about the subway system too. I think we didn’t pay at all because we were so confused and it appeared no one else really was.

    All i remember doing in that city was eating. And drinking amazing beer.

  2. Hey Matt!

    Great video I see you’ve improved on your style. Windows movie maker does have its drawbacks but it’s free and with a few other tools it’s not too bad. I used WMM to make my Thailand contest submission video and had to use photoshop and an audio editor. You’ll be amazed how valuable background music/sound is. I use Replay Music 3.0 to grab sound off of youtube and my audio track at the same time. It’s not very powerful and really has only 1 option but for 20 bucks you can’t go wrong.

    Are you entering the Thailand contest?

  3. Quincy

    Coincidence of coincidences! I’ll be in Brussels this weekend. Leaving on the last train tomorrow right after work. Will be in Anvers (Antwerp) on Sunday for a food fest. You know that I’d travel great distances for good food..hehe.


  4. Matt,
    Did I just miss you in Brussels? I just came from there two days ago. I did the Marathon last week and they had the finish in Grand Place. :)
    Love all of the new things you are doing with your blog.

  5. Oh man, I had that same thought about the riding the trams in Bosnia – and they never checked…except for the day that they did and they TOTALLY tried to fine me – blech! Love the new video tours! I am also using WMM so I cant wait to see how you fare using Adobe :-)

  6. Frites & mayonnaise are the best thing about Brussels.

    I also enjoyed looking for finding the peeing girl and peeing dog statues to match the peeing boy… never did find the dog one though.

  7. Ekaterina

    Be careful with not paying for your tickets in Brussels. The reason it seems that no one checks them is because they organize ‘raids’ once in a while to check all passengers, and if you appear to be without the ticket, unfortunately, the only way out is to pay a big fine, I reckon that it’s something like 2,000 euros.
    Food is great indeed in Brussels, Place du Jordan is parhaps the best in terms of price and choice.

  8. Adrian, here is a photo of the said dog:
    In mainland Europe you must always have a ticket when travelling which must have been “composted” in the ticket machines in the metro Stations and on trams and buses. If you don’t compost your ticket you are like the punk in Dirty Harry “Do you feel lucky?” because the fines are huge. Instead of having conductors they send out teams of inspectors, probably a more cost effective system.
    The frites in place Jourdan are great. If you are in Brussels you can visit the Oktoberfest Beer Hall imported from Munich for the week complete with Augustiner beer, pretzels and Bavarian Band. Its on until Sunday. Go up to the Matonge district of Ixelles for a huge choice of reasonable restaurants. Or even those around place Jourdan.
    Matt; try to pronounce the local landmarks correctly, Grand Place is pronounced something like “grond plass”.

  9. Wow Matt, that was a whistlestop tour of Brussels, you certainly took on board the message to keep it short and snappy. Look forward to seeing more of the same.

    PS next challenge – get some music & put your url at the beginning too & in the spoken intro

    Unfortunately videos are the most time consuming type of blog post so it’s always a trade off between doing a really professional job and just getting it out there. I have the footage for at least 15 great vidos but who knows when they’ll hit the blogshere?

  10. hi! I just want to make something clear :)
    French fries are the same thing as our Belgian frites! French fries were invented in Belgium, but during WWI American soldiers were fighting in Walloon, the french speaking part of Belgium, when they discovered the fries. They called it French fries because they thought they were in france, since they were speaking french, but they were actually in belgium :)

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