The Wonderful Ruins of Angkor Wat

I didn’t make it to Angkor Wat this trip, but I was there in 2007. I’d hoped to go back—not because the ruins are different or because I wanted to deal with the larger crowds. No, I just wanted to take pictures with a better camera. But since I didn’t get do that, I decided to show you the wonder and beauty of Angkor Wat with some older photos instead. Luckily, photos of it are timeless, even if the lenses that take them change. The ruins don’t change. Even though these photos won’t win any awards, they’ll give you a sense at how incredible and breathtaking the place is. Enjoy!

The walkway to Angkor Wat


The outer wall to one of the many temples

Keeping watch

The face of Jayavarman VII at Bayon ruins

Just another old temple

A monk gazes out onto the ruins

Angkor Wat temple

The jungle devours Ta Phrom ruins


More Ta Prohm ruins, made famous in the movie Tomb Raider

Ta Phrom in black and white

The hallway to nowhere

The jungle slowly eats away at the temples

A ruined gateway

Bayon temple complex

  1. Matt,

    I share your sentiments on Angkor. I was there in 2002, gasp, before I even had a digital camera. So the photos sit in an album. Not too many tourists back then (did I really just say back then?). It is indeed a beautiful and timeless place. All the best to you on your continued journey.

  2. I like that you shared more of your photos than most folks do. Previously I had only seen photos of the main temple. I really enjoyed the black and white photo with the two monks dressed in orange. Amazing.

  3. A. Gogic

    Absolutely great photos Matt. I would love to visit these magnificent ruins. Thank you for sharing these shots with us.

  4. Ohh, they are timeless, aren’t they! I was looking at some of my shots from a visit (actually, I have been twice already, on different trips…) the other day and am planning on doing a series of posts about them. But am also contemplating another visit when I am back in PP for a reunion in January….the place has such a pull, I am very tempted!

    This post of your and the amazing photos don’t help me to make the frugal choice! Ha!

  5. I was there a couple of years ago, great place.

    I had a dSLR back then, but would love to go back for a week with the camera to get some more shots now that I’ve become more skilled in photography, especially some sunset or sunrise shots if its possible within opening hours.

    Crowds do indeed ruin it, but that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

    • NomadicMatt

      Now, I hear you just have to fight your way past the Korean and Japanese tourists with the superlong zoom lens.

  6. Great pics Matt – I missed out on visiting in 2007 and hoped to go this year but am missing out again! From seeing this pictures though I am definitely going to make a concerted effort to get there soon

  7. Simon

    I loved Angkor Wat. You have got some great photo on here of the monks in the wats. that is some good luck. i found the trees really interesting maybe more so then the Wats. i love your site by the way i’ve only just found it today. keep up the good work.

  8. Ive been there a few years ago, the best way to visit Angkor is by bycicle, forget the noisy tuk tuk, go there early in the morning and take awesome picture thanks of the morning light.

    Definitely a must see in South East Asia.

  9. Probably the best place we’ve been to on our nomadic adventure so far. And the best bit was riding from temple to temple on push bikes. Absolute bliss!

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