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I regret missing the trip to vienna when we went to austria last year

Beautiful. I spent a total of about 6 hours in Vienna once. Would love to get back there and really check things out.

Isn’t it Schonbrun Palace? We’ve picnicked on the grass here and been chased off by security guards half a dozen times. It’s a great game. The labyrinth is also very cool.


It’s Schoenbrunn, see for instance

And Habsburg is it in stead of Hapsburg

Meine Schwieger Muter war en Wienerin or My mother in Law was from Vienna and we head there at least once a year:-)


When you’re there, spring for entry to the Children’s Garden/Playground – I’ve forgotten what it’s called. We had a surprisingly diverting time there, it’s full of wacky interactive stuff,things that make noises when you jump on them, a giant bird thing you can fly (no really!) a maze, some other cool stuff. If the weather permits, it’s a fun thing to do.

WOW. Definitely one of the countries I most excited to visit for some odd reason…

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