The Weekly Photo: Vancouver

By Nomadic Matt | Published October 12th, 2008

Man in the tree in Stanley park vancouver

The “man” in the tree. Stanley Park, Vancouver Canada

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I love Stanley Park!! There are trees like this all over BC. It is amazing, not only to see such large trees, but to see the evidence of how they were felled. Those notches were placed so that a board could be levered out and a man could stand to get to the next notch etc and then would fell the tree by hand. I know environmentalists/conservationists may not appreciate it – but it was an art and an act of bravery!!

In woodchopping competitions in Australia (and probably elsewhere), they still have the “tree-climb” where the axeman chips chips a notch, places a board, climbs up, chips another notch etc until they have three boards in place. They then have to chop the tree down from the top plank. Impressive to watch as an event and it sounds realistic from what Gillian describes in her comment above.

I have a similar list, here are the one from your list that I have done

3. Learn to Scuba Dive. (became a dive master)
11. See the sunrise from Mt. Fuji. (I walked up it first)
13. Visit the Pyramids (honeymoon)
14. Safari in East Africa for 3 months. (well, I lived in Africa for a year and visited 20 countries in East and Central Africa. Assume this counts)
15. Go to the World Cup! (1 match)
19. Do development work in the 3rd world. (lived in Chad)
22. See the Northern Lights. (while doing #40)
26. Visit India.(once, business trip for the WHO)
28. See Morocco. (half dozen times, for work and play)
29. Oktoberfest! (another team building exercise)
30. Caravan across the Sahara. (not all the way across, and in 4×4, not on a camel)
32. Fly first class.(many times)
33. Go to Israel. (3 or 4 times)
35. Mardi Gras! (heck, I live in France)
38. Eat a sushi meal at NOBU (London)
39. Pacific Island hop.
40. Spend a night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden. (this was actually a team building exercise when I worked at Microsoft. The drinks are served in glasses made of ice and the beds really are made of ice)
41. See Glacier National Park (and the Grand Canyon)

great photo! i like this list.

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