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this looks like a red mound

What a special place this is, bang in the middle of absolutely nowhere…

Kai L

So, I’ve been reading about this rock and found that there are numerous issues concerning it’s function/use. Uluru is considered a sacred site by Aboriginals and they have asked that tourists not climb the rock.

Now, many tourists still do and cannot for the life of them understand why they shouldn’t climb the rock. I think an interesting question arises out of this situation.

I somewhat enjoyed the article written for this blog about backpackers and tourists. Sure, I can live with the premise that we are all essentially tourists, but if that is the case what obligations [as tourists] do we have when we travel? Also, more to the point would be to ask what are our obligations as tourists when it comes to places and locations that are considered sacred sites?

Empty clean space with a beautiful focal point. Just what the doctor ordered.

Nice pic Matt – we’re just working on a new collection in Australia’s Northern Territory, including an amazing-looking hotel in the Red Centre called Longitude 131. I have to say, in the past I haven’t particularly been attracted to Oz but I’m beginning to have lustful second thoughts now! More pics please :-)

Very cool photo. Amazing how red the rock is!

Hey Matt, just saw “climb Ayers Rock” in your travel goals and then found this photo … can I throw in my 2 cents? Don’t climb! Change your travel goal to “Walk around Ayers Rock” instead, much more interesting and the local Aboriginal people will thank you too. I’ve been there and decided not to climb it after I read all the info about it.

Speaking of your travel goals though, #8 (trans-sib) and #11 (sunrise from Fuji) are things I’ve done that are two of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had, so definitely go for it!

I have been there last year and I want to go and do camping there again. One of the amazing palace on the Earth. I loved the rock, but hated the atmosphere around the hotels. We were much happier driving around on our own than doing the tours.

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