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Tikal is fantastic…I got lost in the jungle, alone in the mist with the howler monkeys. It was great. :)

I also had to comment on your top travel goal at the left, Climb to Everest Base Camp. Do it! I did it last year, and it was downright mind-blowing. If you go in the early season, there will be fewer visitors, which means you build close relationships with the few other hikers, you get to talk to the lodge owners before they are sick of tourists (and while they have time), and you have the trail to yourself. There is nothing like being at Base Camp alone. I recommend the Khumbu Lodge in Namche Bazaar–the owner, Pemba, was amazing. He even stored my laptop for me while I went to EBC and back.

Also–you do not need a guide and porter. The trail is easy to follow and the Sherpa people are very helpful. I had Lonely Planet’s “Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya” and it was all I needed.


@erin: thanks for the tips. I got lost in jungle in costa rica.

@stevo: thanks!


Great shot. I love old ruins.

nice… what’s the story on what’s inside?


Love the photo – it brings back so many great memories….although I NEVER got to see a howler monkey.

Years later, I’m still deeply unimpressed by this… ;-)

that’s where I met my husband! It’s a magical place all around. once i move to gautemala, we’ll be taking our son there to show him where it all began ;-)

Great picture! That monument really looks intimidating from that close. For sure I think Tikal is a place nobody should skip when planning a visit to Guatemala.

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