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Going to Belize in November and definitely making a stop at Tikal! Can’t wait!

P. Hertz

Enjoy that bus ride to Guatemala. Don’t travel after dark.


looks very ancient.very nice photo! I have tried to check if you have been in boracay but it did not show any results. If you may, I would like you to try visiting and experience the island at least once and write some articles about it! I’m sure you have many readers since you are a good writer! keep it up and thank you!

Love the photo but HATE the pop up sign up box…


Tikal! Oh, how I want to see that in person. Currently fascinated by Mayan culture.

Wow it looks so ancient. Nice to see a photo like this with not even one backpack in it, let alone hoardes of tourists!


Tikal? Centuries upon centuries old.


decades ago I was returning from a winter excursion in Central America crossing Guatamala on a dirt road through the jungle, when WOW! we chanced upon the recently (somewhat) renovated ruins of Tikal. We explored the pyramids and ancient stonework freely, it practically deserted. Never to be forgotten.

Not enough black and white photography in travel.

The ruins of Tikal looks amazing. Amazing place and photo.


They are amazing! Still one of my favorite places in the world.

María Morales

You guys should visit Tikal this December!! Bactun 13 is coming, a change of era according to the mayan calendar. It will be amazing!!! I can wait, I’ve been before and its gorgeous

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