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Very nice! Don’t think I will be able to make it there when I go to South East Asia in November/December this year (2012), but at least you gave me the chance of having a look at the place via photo!

Lynn Marie Ford

I love the coloring on this photo–gr8 job. This is so relaxing! Tonite I will dream I am in Thailand :)

So am I. I have booked a flight. I assure that I’ll be visiting the River of Kwai and experience this great ride along the river.

Wow, look at that sky!

Sally Stretton

I love the clouds in this picture. It almost looks like they are moving in the picture.

I have heard Thailand has some amazing and cheap food. Can you share your Thailand foodie experience?


Hey I just returned from a trip to Thailand and we missed this beautiful river. Your picture is more than beautiful and it makes me regret even more.
Still great photograph :)

Sweet clouds. I’ll be visiting in April :)

What an incredible place. Did you ever see the old film – Bridge Over the River Kwai? It’s strange that a place like this we would associate with utmost tranquility could have such a history. Weird!

Perfect for holiday season and location for film making. I love the edit of the photo emphasizing the blue sky and the rest is in black.

I’m going Thailand next month, lovely photo and I hope I come across this great destination.

Absolutely nice place. I like it.


nice shot … did you take it from the bridge just outside of Kanchanaburi, didn’t you? I have a similar picture, but with a completely gray sky … we went there at the end of September and the rains were not yet finished!

Love this picture, did you edit it in photoshop? or did your camera have some sort of setting that picks out certain colors? Either way it’s pretty sweet!

Well, I’ll be! Pretty glorious snap and also interesting use of color/desaturation. Well done sir.

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