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Probably my favorite building(s) in the world….Great shot.


I agree with Explorer Mike’s sentiment on the electricity! It is a wonderful sight. See you on the road.

Very cool shot! This place takes night photography up a notch!

Pretty! Probably one of the few selling points of Malaysia, too =)


I think there are a lot of selling points to Malaysia: KL, Perhentian Islands, Borneo, Cameron Highlands!


I hope you could do a thorough tour of Malaysia. We have great places all aorund the country but tourist mostly went to Kuala Lumpur and Penang because of the lack of exposure from other attractions.


i want to come back and do Borneo and many other places. I was just in KL for a visa run for Thailand.

Great shot… I would like to walk through that bridge. Did you go to the top floor of one of the towers?


No, I’m scared of heights.


i know! What a waste….


That’s crazy. I was going to post one of my Petronas Towers pick this week.

@Claire. We did the tour and went up to bridge and walked across it. It’s pretty cool. There was a huge line though so if you go be prepared to wake up early.

in less than 4 weeks I´ll be there…
în mai pu?in de 4 s?pt?mâni voi fi acolo, abia astept !

Gorgeous! And pinned…


i like this building very much. the movie “Entrapment” too was filmed here in 1999.

Hi Matt,
Great picture of my country’s most popular landmark. Where are you now? I’d like to invite you to Tioman Island in August. I’m currently working in the USA and will head home for 2 weeks. Diving in Tioman island on the 2nd week!

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