The Weekly Photo: The Lookout Monkey

By Nomadic Matt | Published August 26th, 2012

A monkey keeping watch at Singapore's Zoo

A monkey keeping watch at Singapore’s Zoo

Note: This week’s photo was taken by my friend Sean during our trip to Singapore. My camera was broken at the time so I can’t claim credit for this good picture.

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Awww! Amazing! Like a little meerkat sentry. Animals like this are amazing.

The way he’s sitting makes it look like he has three hands.

Nice shot Sean!


Great shot of a Tufted Capuchin! He/She has the mysterious and wise look down for the cam.

Great shot! =)
I can’t wait to be out there grabbing great pictures myself.

Sally Stretton


This is such a sute monkey and amazing picture. What other kind of amazing wild life did you see in Singapore? Any more great photos to share?


This monkey looking out is really cute. Looks like it is being taken care of even it’s in the zoo. I myself can’t wait to go there to take pictures

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