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I was surprised how small and accessible it was. Were you?


i thought it was a bit hard to find!

Never heard of this before, I like it.

Yes it was small, wasn’t it? It is always difficult when just seeing it on a picture. They joy of traveling – Seeing things for real…


yeah, it was a bit small. I thought it would be bigger, but then again, I hadn’t really heard of it prior to my time in Copenhagen. Still cool

I was actually irritated when we finally found it, and my kids (Hans Christian Anderson’s target audience!) were underwhelmed.

P.S. I like the new theme!

I was already warned by Lonely Planet that the statue was small, so I didn’t really bring any expectations when I hiked up the waterfront to see it. I have to say though that the view to the sea was very awesome from that location.

It’s a lovely photo and a beautiful statue but the view looked more like this when I went.
Did you know there’s a statue of her creator, Hans Christian Anderson, in town as well?


I did know! I went to his museum!

I was disappointed by the Little Mermaid. A bit hidden away and underwhelming when you arrive. The marketing makes sure that everyone goes to see it however!!

Well, the Little Mermaid may be small, but at least you all have seen her up close and personal. I have yet to visit Copenhagen!

it’s very small. we live near a danish town here in Michigan, a sister city, and there’s a small one here, too. lovely photo!

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