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jack mehoff

This is amazing! i wanna go there someday:)

I love markets. It’s an awesome way to feel like you can live with the locals! Great shot Matt!

Who wouldn’t want to shop here, then home to cook up a storm or plant some glorious flowers. I just love the markets in Italy, most of the food is eaten before we get home…
ciao lisa


Glad I’m not the only one that does that!

Nice photograph. I just love to buy things from the markets rater than malls. It gives complete freedom from Market bargaining. I love bargain things for small cent.

Lovely! I didn’t enjoy Naples very much, but this photo shows a whole side of it that I never saw.

Beatrice Karnes

Oh, my goodness. This is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant.

Nice capture! It’s not just about the products sold, but the setting and atmosphere. You got that very well!


Thank you.

Market is great ! I love it :) I visit markets in every city I visit :)

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