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It’s so cool to see someone like you having actually come to Norway! Most travelers (at least from what I’ve seen on similar travel blogs) seems to avoid Norway, probably because it’s so horribly expensive. At the same time, there is so much stunningly beautiful nature in Norway you find few, if any, other places in the world…

Norway was one of my most favourite places! LOVE the natural beauty there…loved the temperature…love this photo!!!!!!!!!

Love this photo–beautiful colors!

Ooooh I want to go there.

Beautiful shot; one of my favorites from you. I love the vibrant gold colors.



After having a chat with you on the beach of Karhu (Cambodia), I have now quited my job and started planning on my trip around Asia and India.

Do I guess I want to thank you for this site, it’s a very good tool for setting some guidelines to my trip.

See you are in Norway now, the world is a small place (live in norway). If we meet again I owe you a cold one for the advices on this site and on the beach in Cambodia. But not in Norway it’s to expensive haha.


Actually, I’m in Japan! The photos of the week aren’t an indication of where I am.

Glad to hear our talk inspired you. Best of luck in your travels.

Looks really cool! Forests are one of the main things I miss about Europe when on other continents!

Gorgeous colors – so vibrant! Nicely done.

Your photo is so beautiful. Is it a kind of lichen that is covering the rocks?


It’s moss.

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