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That is a great photo! I visited the volcanic region of Rotorua; it was beautiful, but I never got a chance to see something like this. Time to go back!


It is a great hike if you get good weather, but the 2nd half is pretty boring. The South Island Great Walks are even better.


I can not wait to go to NZ

Truly a great experience… I wrote about & posted photos of my Tongariro Crossing.


This is not a NEW photo!! It is old! And the “sulphur pools” are the Emerald Lake with a samll amount of Sulpher in it!
Tongariro Alpine Crossing is still closed. Mt. Tongariro erupted about 2 weeks ago!! The track is destroied! Not possible to cross!!


I never said it was new.

Nice picture Matt. I recently did the crossing and it was probably the highlight of my trip to the country.

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