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he is, seriously, the most amazing piece of work i’ve ever seen.

It really shows you the gap between the work of a genius and the work of talented people.

Trey N.

You don’t realize how big that statue is until you see it in person. I tried to sneak a pic last time I was there and got caught. I really need to work on my ninja skills.


The statue is huge and you really don’t know it until you see it. I was just blown away. I didn’t except it to be so great…

I was dubious of this statue’s reputation before I saw it. It is the most remarkable sculpture I’ve ever seen – an extraordinary piece of art. Apart from the Unfinished Slaves in the first room, I was disappointed by the rest of the Accademia but this one sculpture alone makes it so worthwhile.

Statue, yes is awesome. Real question is how did you get a picture while in there? There is only like 50k cameras and 3 roaming guards at all time there. We tried when I was there and got caught. To compromise we deleted the photo and bought the postcard at an over rated euro price. You do have Ninja skills

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