The Weekly Photo: The Crowded Crosswalk

By Nomadic Matt | Published March 25th, 2012

The Busy Crosswalk in Hong Kong - causeway bay

A crowded crosswalk at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong during rush hour

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Kind of reminds me of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo


Looks like street outside of Penn Station in New York at rush hour.

Gerry Cummings

Hi Matt; I was in Hong Kong recently for five days of site seeing and your picture remined me of two photographs I took on the MTR at rush hour – wall-to-wall people, but everything was very civilized and orderly. Gerry

So busy! Did you have to fight through that crowd after you took the picture?


A bit.


Love the walk symbol, really makes the photo.


There’s like 7 million in Hong Kong I think.

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