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Sydney is my favorite city in the world.
Hope to visit it again soon.

Many fond memories of Sydney …. fortunately, I’ll be there again in a few weeks.


I’m jealous. I won’t be there until next year!



I love sydney, but I prefer Melbourne. I only saw Sydney a little bit over the course of a week, but have lived near Melbourne my whole life and have fallen in love with it.

Let me know if you come to Victoria and want me to hook you up with any local businesses – I’m starting to get more contacts in the region. Would also be interested in catching up.

An now following you on twitter and have subscribed. I’m so jealous; I have never left the country.


I’m from Melbourne, and I absolutely love visiting Sydney (though horror stories about transport and housing prices forbid me from even thinking about moving up – Brisbane or GC would be my sea change destinations). The view is unbeatable and the beach culture has me reminiscing about good times. Stunning.

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