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Gorgeous photo! Panama has really started to emerge as an ecotourism hotspot in the last few years, so we’re dying to make it down there.

This reminds me of the sunsets we watched over the summer at South Padre. We went at the particular time of year when the fish jump out of the water for no apparent reason. They would shoot almost straight up a couple of feet and then splash down again. It happens every year for just a few days in the summer according to the people who live there year round. My husband wanted to go out in a boat and see if any of the fish would jump in.


a beautiful shot and one to keep or maybe put in frame to hang on your wall

Spent 2 weeks in Bocas and loved it. Looking forward to getting back to Panama again soon.

Amazing picture. Panama is a great place for traveling. i always appreciate it. Thanks for sharing your great experience here.

It’s good to see Panama on this website. Keep up the good work!


Panama’s Sunset is looking so good.. even i too have clicked some photos when i was in a hotel Coral Bay of Corporate Stays. Thank for remembering those beautiful moments.

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