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Sihanoukville was the inspiration for literally hundreds of sunset and night shots! Took a billion over at Koh Rong as well.

Can’t wait to get myself back there! Did you hear that they plan on building a CASINO on Koh Rong? What a joke!


My favorite Sihanoukville experience was the $3 BBQ every night on the beach :D There was this one place that let you order 3 different items in one order. So you’d get Tuna, BBQ Pork Ribs *and* chicken, plus mashed potatoes and garlic bread on the side for $3.

While watching the ocean, with a few friends and a deck of cards. Ahhh, the life.


If I could picture what heaven was like, this would be it. Great picture buddy.

Matt, I’m quite disappointed that you deleted my comment. I wasn’t spamming. It wasn’t even my blog post that I was promoting.

Whatever happened to travelers keeping an open mind :(

Beautiful photo, reminds me of the sunset in the Philippines.

Beautiful shot dude, thanks to you Asia seems now much closer :)

ahhh God… I loved Cambodia

Nice photo. Here is my sunrise photo from Zanzibar.

Very nice! I loved Laos too!


You was on koh ru the same time as me im dissapointed not to se any post from there?


I wrote about Koh Ru months ago. I was there in Feb.

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