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which part of Aus is this?:D lovely!


Near Uluru in the center.

I will be travelling to Aus soon ( Gold Coast, Hobart) any tips you can share? (accommodation and places to see) :D thanks


Hi Jalee,

I just got back from a trip to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and The Whitsundays. It was awesome! You can find out more about it at blog.



My wife is a sucker for sunset pictures. I’ll pass this one on to her. Great pic.


Hi Matt, I love your site! I just wanted to ask, what is the point of being a full-time world traveler other than having fun and learning about other cultures? Do you have any ambitions?
I think if I tried to do what you do, my parents would ask me those questions because they have really high expectations.
Also, have you heard of Jodi Ettenberg of ? She’s really cool, I think you might enjoy her blog.


Nice photo. Are you still in Oz?

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