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I can’t believe I grew up do close to this but haven’t ever been! Beautiful.

Amazing colors, nicely done Matt.

What a beautiful picture. I really love the picture. Wish I could have been there to feel the beauty of the nature. This picture look like that picture deeply painted with crayon colors, doesn’t it?

Amazing picture, wish i could been there :S


I love the Grand Canyon. Great shot!

Salvador Antonacci

I would like to say that the view of the Grand Canyon is the most beautiful place in the world to see. I would highly recommend any one to visit? it will amaze you! and by the way,great picture.

Jarrah Calder

The photo and site looks great Matt, heaps of information for those embarking on a world adventure.

The navigation of the site is user friendly and the fact you have given such detail to it all is a credit to you mate, great work!

Not sure if you’ve gotten yourself to Margaret River in the south of Western Australia, but you won’t regret it.

Happy travels

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