The Weekly Photo: Statue in Naples

By Nomadic Matt | Published April 17th, 2011

Statue in Naples, Italy

Statue in Naples, Italy

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What an interesting statue. When I stooped in Naples we saw a couple of statues graffitied on so I am glad there are some that are still preserved in Naples, on the streets.
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Hi Matt,

I recently started reading your blog, and find it inspiring for a beginning travel writer. I even bought one of your e-books! Can’t wait to keep reading your adventures, and I am hoping, very soon, that I can ditch my cubicle.




Great to hear! Let me know if you have any questions! Send me an email and I will help with whatever I can.

Amazing picture – Where exactly is that statue at Naples ?


I don’t know! I wish I did know because I love it. Maybe someone will come by the blog and let me know!


It’s on the main street near the underground museum. Just walk that street, you’ll find it!

Is it in Via Tribunali? I think I saw it too, not sure though.

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