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That’s a cool shot Matt! I always tell people who visit Korea to check out Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s great value considering it costs next to nothing for a ticket.

how do you chase after villains dressed that way..? hmm…


I have seen guard changing twice but still i feel like watching it one more time.
Matt, at what time did you went there? it seems that there were very few tourists when you visited.



There tons of tourists! I’m just good at cropping them out! :)


Nice pic!
I miss Seoul… I’m excited for autumn… Can’t wait to re-visit my favorite city in Asia <3

Very colourful dress wear…

What fantastic colourful outfits! I think the london and Seoul royal guards should swap for a week, offering no explaination to anybody, ever, just to see what would happen!


Lol, I second the idea of getting the Korean guaards to swap places with them London ones! I visited the palace while I was in Seoul, staying at Fraser Suites for a couple of nights. I absolutely loved the apartment, great service and the pool was heavenly. Personally, I think Gyeongbokgung is probably the most scenic palace in Seoul. Loved it!

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