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A stone’s throw away from Arab Street, I spent many evenings there sipping a teh tarik (condensed milk tea) and in the shadow of the mosque above. Thanks for bringing back the fond memories. Aw, feel like flying back home this instant.

Love the way the light is hitting this!

Nice, I am wondering what the surrounding space is like…

Life Exceptional

I’ve been there…. The surroundings are hot! Singapore is always very hot and usually very humid… and from what I remember, that area is very busy, and full of arabian shops, plenty of carpets and shisha!

That’s an interesting coincidence, I just got back from South East Asia trip and prepare a series of posts about Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. I think I walked by this one just few days ago…

Great pic.. looking to move to Singapre I already like what I see!


I saw you on the Matador website, your face next to the website, and it’s not a scam huh? It’s very fascinating. Are you looking for guest authors? Do you have many now? How does that work? I’ve always been a strong writer, but over the past years, it’s been dwindling away but I still feel it creeping up on me over my shoulder always waiting to be discovered. With that, I wouldn’t mind writing for your site, if you need. Great thing you got going though!


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