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Wow, Seattle’s piers never cease to amaze me. So gorgeous. I’d love to be there right now, grab some Ivar’s and feed the gulls!


I really liked the piers. They were nice.

Those cart rides are fun!

Especially when you park under the viaduct and catch one of these carts to Safeco Field to see a M’s game!

Good Pic!


wow it’s a really nice place … i really would like to visit here..


Cool shot, I love the contrast!


I love the expression on the guy’s face. I think it makes the picture.


You better have been to Capitoll Hill and the northwest neighbourhoods, or else, don’t cross out Seattle in your list. You can’t either miss walking on the water pedestrian bridges over lake washington (going threw the Arboretum Park).
Been here for 9 months. My first time abroad. And yes, I’VE GOT THE BUG! Reazy to move on!

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