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Beautiful photo! What I love about it is the blue sky. And no Space Needle – that structure gets a lot of airtime. No wonder Seattleites are so happy when the sun shines. It is truly inspiring.


I’ve wanted to go there for over a year! Such a beautiful place.


I live here! Not too far from where this photo was taken either. Yeah I know people hate on Seattle for the rain but really it’s not that bad and in the summer it’s sooo amazing/beautiful.

I thought they had torn down the overpass?


This photo is from last year so they might have.

There is just always something about skyscrapers … no matter what city!

Is this autumn in Seattle?! No rain?


I know. I got very, very lucky.


That’s not Seattle. Theres a blue sky!

Great shot. It reminds me of arriving on the ferries in Circular Quay.

I’ve been to Seattle a bunch of times. Beautiful city.

LOVE Seattle!! It’s truly a remarkable city, especially when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Can’t wait to get back for another visit.


It’s great to see clear shots without pollution. If it was NY city, just forget about clear shot of buildings..

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