The Weekly Photo: Scottish Drummers

By Nomadic Matt | Published June 23rd, 2009

It’s not exactly a photo but consider it a “moving picture.” This was a group of great Scottish street performers in Edinburgh.

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how cool is this? thanks so much for sharing, matt!

Those guys are pretty intense! Very cool

looks like this group stepped out of the Braveheart movie. Love the busking and music.

Very nice! Nothing like good street music

Super-cool. Go Scotland!


Absolutely awesome!

We have a Renaissance fair in Maryland every year that is 3 months long and they usually have a similar drum troop. I can watch these guys for hours.

Wow! Awesome. i have to show this to hubby, he’ll love it! I think it sounds a bit medieval actually!

Very cool, Matt.

I enjoyed that. Thanks!

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