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Oops I forgot my website on that last post!

What a great shot! I saw this over 30 years ago. Vague memories, but still remember some of it:)

Good to see it hasn’t changed a bit since I was there in ’98. :)


Do you feel that travel magazines really miss the mark when they describe Rome? I think it’s a lot dirtier than they describe it.

I’ve lived in Rome for seven years, but I stare at its masterpieces as if it’s always the first time. Welcome to Europe :-)

For some reason, your photo is one of my enduring memories of Rome. And I don’t know why. The fountain is crowded, not as special as some other fountains (such as the Four Rivers in Navona Square) and yet there is something compelling and enchanting about it.

Travel Wizard

This is my favorite spot in Rome. I loved every second of my time there, but nothing came close to Fontana di Trevi! :)

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