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Gorgeous! I love how the small huts just peak over the green tips of tall grass.
One day I will visit this place I am sure!
Can’t wait to read the blog about this place.

Nice pic! Lush green rice fields – such a serene scenery! :)


That whole area gave new meaning to the world green.

It’s amazing how they’re able to maintain their rice terraces :) I wonder if they still practice traditional farming to grow rice or if they’re already employing modern farming techniques…


I didn’t see many tractors there!

I have been through the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again


The grass really is greener on the other side :)

Have you been to Batad in Philippines? They are green as in Indonesia but considered to be number one in world for the extent and height they are.

Gita Listya

Nice picture! Maybe could be a good recommendation for you to find another interesting destinations in Indonesia :)

I wonder how it feels to wake up to this every morning… Must be very relaxing…

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