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Breathtaking scene. Looks like a great day for weekend hike or perhaps a stroll with the family. Those red rocks are the nature’s masterpiece!

When I was living in Vegas, I took my parents here when they came to visit. None of us gamble, so we were forced to find other things to do in Vegas. Luckily there are countless options once you get off the strip and red rock is one of the best. Coming from Seattle like we did, the scenery look like another world–Mars perhaps.


I’m going to be that guy. It’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Red Rock is governed by the US Bureau of Land Management and not the National Park Service. That may be a subtle difference but I think an important one. There are only 58 sites designated as true US National Parks. And if National Memorials, Monuments, Historic Sites, Preserves, etc. are included, the list approaches 400.

In comparison, the US Bureau of Land Management oversees 16 National Conservation Areas. And their duties to those sites are much more limited.


There’s always one :)

I was going to be that guy too, so I’m glad I’m not the only one. There is only one national park in Nevada, and it’s about a five-hour drive north of Las Vegas. It’s called Great Basin National Park. It is AMAZING, but it’s not Red Rock Canyon. Glad you enjoyed your day trip out that way, though.

Never mind the rocks, get a load of that gorgeous desert sky!

Been to Red Rocks – such a relief after hanging out on the strip. Well worth going out there and checking out the numerous trails in that area.


Traveling to red rock is a lot of fun and a must when traveling to Vegas. Another must is a great travel app called turbcast for iPhone.

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