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Singapore sling, anyone?

I love this place…Ive not stayed here, but I took my parents there last year..I also did a shoot for a TV channel many years ago and we did a recipe of the sling !

On my way back from a dive trip to Indonesia last fall, I had a one-night layover a few blocks from the Raffles Hotel. I had time the morning I left to wander over for a highly over-priced Singapore Sling at its “birthplace” at the Long Bar.

But I was more fascinated by another bar in the Raffles that seemed to better fit our part-time occupations as writers, aptly named, the “Writers Bar.” I even brought back a key fob from there.

(If money is tight, skip the drink and just snap a few pics; you can get yourself a hangover for a lot less.)

Tudor Bran

I didn’t have the chance to visit it yet. Maybe this sumer :)

Nice statue, but I prefer the Hotel… ;))

aaahhh…the thought of overpriced drinks and throwing peanut shells on the floor in a feeling of yesteryear. A great experience but not something I’m likely to do more than once or twice.

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