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I see the blonde female at the bottom left, gawking in disbelief as you gather your ten beers….probably debating if you’re going to drink all those yourself….. European beer is my first pick. Glad you had a blast.

This photo just makes me want to go back to Munich and enjoy a good German beer. I haven’t been able to find something similar at home.


German (or better Bavarian) beer is the best! Of course, being from Bavaria I am kind of biased ;)

I remember well my time at Oktoberfest. I need to get back there it has been a long, long time.



Did you go to Lowenbrau in The Rocks when you were in Sydney. Awesome pub. One of my all time favorites.


@Ace Haha…I saw that too. Hilarious!

I can’t believe that they can carry that many steins of beer at the same time. When I was there I had trouble just lifting two with the one arm.


Same. I saw some with double stacks! Now that is crazy.

Oktoberfest is a very nice tradition that is definitely spreading to other countries. No need to go to Germany to enjoy the Oktoberfest spirit but it is definitely THE place where you can truly experience what this is about. Great times and memories.

I sat at that same table in the background. The blond is looking rather suspiciously at you. Anyway, now I am thirsty. Time for a beer!


Really? Small world.

Loved Oktoberfest this year. Did you know you can take your stein up to the bar yourself if they have not filled it all the way up to the 1 litre mark! They just top it off to where it should be. Brilliant.


I really enjoyed every Oktoberfest. I was lucky to be there :)

this is my first time knowing about oktoberfest ! as also the first time that oktoberfest is celebrated in my country ;)

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