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It is called a sally lightfoot crab.


That is one colourful crab!!

Such wonderful colors it has, simply lovely photo. (and how well it would match our blog layout – ha ha!) I think I spot a smile there, definitely a big smile….!


It looks like a symphony of colors. Just amazing. :)

Now that’s a beautiful crab! Reminds me of my trip to Kauai…these little guys were everywhere sunbathing on the llava and dodging the seagulls! lol Nice shot! :-D

Awesome picture… To be honest, Crab colors have reminded me Spring season…. Being here in Chicago, IL we are waiting for Spring to kick in within two-three weeks…

Love this photo! The colors are oh so vibrant! We’ve been seeing a surge of seaside photos of late but no crabs yet. This is a first :) Keep on snapping those photos!

Wow! Nice vibrant colours on this little fella!

Love the photo, Matt…even if crabs are just spiders in shells. At least this one’s pretty.


Well, they are often very tasty spiders! :)


that crab is amazing. good old Galapagos what a place.

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