The Weekly Photo: Mickey Mouse

By Nomadic Matt | Published December 18th, 2008

Mickey Mouse and me in disney world

Nomadic Matt and Mickey, Disney World

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Say hi to Mickey for me!


Whoa, Matt. Are you like 6’6″, or is that a midget Mickey?

Mike you could not resist the pull of the mouse could you? Just found your blog and I love it. You are living the life I once dreamed.


Dude, you visit Mickey without telling me? Argh!

Dave P.

hehe…. Keppie as 6’6”? hehe…. hehehehehehe…. HEHEH

Is that your brother? I spot a certain resemblance. The same hairstyle and all, though he got bigger ears than you…. *giggles*

Great shot!

That’s a little creepy. hehe.


@jamie: it’s just a short mouse!

@yoli: once dreamed??????? go live it now…dont stop dreaming

@stevo: it’s not creepy. ok, a little.

Wait. Which one is you? =P

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