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Where do I get myself one of those kits??


The internet!


Hi there,

A few years ago I saw a picture of cute little houses covered in snow…from Tallinn, Estonia. I’m not sure why, but ever since then, I’ve been wanting to visit.

I love this silly picture.
Thanks for reminding me why I’m trying to become location independent!


Hey Matt,

Never been to Estonia before but this picture looks great.

What I find funny is that the jester’s boots are exactly what the ‘rancheros’ wear here in Mexico lol I wonder if that’s what they were after.


Beautiful. I really hope I can make it to Estonia one day! Such an underrated place.


If I’m not mistaken. It is Olde Hansa restaurant?


You are not! I had lunch there one day. I ate bear.

Hey Matt,

I went to Tallinn last May and loved it! What a beautiful city. I saw several characters like these wondering around. My friends and I rented bikes one day and rode all over old town, it was great fun riding over cobblestones, beneath medieval gates, and alongside castle walls.


Tallin is very small but so interesting city. I have been there many times and want more :-)


I had the bear!

Thats so funny :D , you make me remember Robin hood movie :D

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