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Do you know which costume that is? I can’t tell


looks like a soldiers uniform!

Nice one Matt,
You shud take that sweather since its getting cold, instead of buying a new one :p!
Anyway, why buy it, if you are going back to the hot weather!
Enjoy your last cold days :)

How did they get that on him:) I was there ages ago and all I remember is the build up to this fountain. The fountains for sale in the stores on the street were like 10 times bigger than him. So when you get there it’s like this huge anticlimax cause he’s so tiny:)


he is a bit tiny. Did you see the little girl pissing? That was a bit gross for me.

Nice! I missed seeing it in a Santa Claus outfit by a few hours.

They were giving away free beer when I saw it so it more than made up for the size of the wee pisser


Some kind of student costume I think… And by the way it is”manneke” as in kid rather than mannequin as in super model :-)

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