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Did you swim in there or it’s not possible?
All the waterfalls are just my kinda thing!


You can’t swim in these falls but there are others in the park that are really good!

There must be very cold water there )


It is…it is.

Lovely photo! Was that in the fall? Also were you on an opposite mountain when you took it? How did you get above the falls?

Nice photo. I wouldn’t mind heading to Australia one day – mostly for the snorkelling I want to do. A nice trip into the outback wouldn’t be bad either.

The Wanderfull Traveler

I would jump off that mofo, that is always my first thought “I would leap off that ledge!!”


This is Florence Falls, and you ARE allowed to swim there, one of the most picturesque swimming holes I’ve ever seen!


Our guide said you couldn’t. It might have been simply the time of year we went. I know not all the holes were open year round.

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