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I’m from Barcelona. I was visiting Sagrada Familia yesterday, amazing. It wasn’t the first time, but each tour is different as there’s always something new..

I so love this cathedral in my fave city! Shame it’s bee under construction all the time.


It has been for 100 years!

I know! It is so annoying, never can take a pic without all that construction stuff. Time to finish it finally!

I don’t think I’ll live to see the completion of that building,

I was there with the pope in Nov, he basically said “enough is enough, this thing is done already! **Sanctified!**”. Good times

I think its amazing that they have built that all on donations.. the Spanish govt couldn’t afford that even if they wanted to

Amazing picture even with all the construction in the way. I LOVE catalan architecture….definitely the best in the world!


I like how the construction is in the photo too!

Is it just me or is that church is continually under-construction? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it without a crane nearby. Great pic nonetheless!


That church will always be under construction it seems!


WOW – what a construction project. Looks amazing.

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It was reported that this church can’t finish construction in the near future.In fact, the board members don’t intend to finish it as they may be charged by high tax rate from authorities once finished.

Wow, amazing shot! What a beautiful building. Can’t wait for it to finish and go see it again :]


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Amazing timing… I have just been inside the Sagrada Familiar this week, it is the most profound building I have ever seen – DO NOT go to Barcelona without seeing the inside of this building…


Soy nuevo en esta web y he descubierto en el un gran espacio para compartir ideas

Gracias por la información y buena suerte.

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