The Weekly Photo: Ko Chang

By Nomadic Matt | Published January 30th, 2009

Ko Chang Thailand

Ko Chang, Thailand

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AHH the ocean. What I would do to pull out a hammock and some Corona and just lay there all day. The thing that sucks about Arizona is we have the weather, but really lack the water.

That photo = where I should be right this instant. Gorgeous.


@nicole: thats where i was last week!!!

thanks for the lovely image. all i see from out my window is slush, slush, and more dirty slush. when will winter be over?


A great picture! Just what I needed to see on a horrible wet and windy Sunday!! x

I’ve stood in that very same spot on that island. :)

Some decent diving there, perfect for travel goal #3 – get to Ko Tao and take the course for cheap first though!

Lovely place!! I wish I could be there:)


You guys must like your luxuries. :-)

This photo was taken on the artificial beach at the 4 star Dusit Princess Resort, Bailan. It’s mand made, the breakwater you can see was built to try to stop the sand washing away. At this angle it looks nice, at low tide the beach is a bit of a mess


Nope. I just like this photo. That’s why it’s there. No need to read anything into more than that.

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