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Indeed, this photo brought back some memories for me as well. It’s just I didn’t do kayaking in Fiji, I did it in Turkey and Greece.

Great photo, I have a pair of kayaks in my hometown although I never really use them.

cool photo, what’s the story behind kayaking, just rented them for some period of time?

Kayaking in this kind of beach? Perfect experience for sure! The water is so clear and clean, and the scenery is such a lovely sight… relaxing!

sally fry

Nice photo I could do with some kayaking on the beach, lucky you



Great pic! Looks like a scene from the movie ‘The Beach’.

Bula! Very nice. Fiji has some really clear water, the best being at the blue lagoon! Loved the place!

Awesome pic…Reminds my memories at fiji..Especially the kayaks..extraordinary feeling.. :)

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