The Weekly Photo: Kanazawa Castle

By Nomadic Matt | Published May 6th, 2012

Kanazawa Castle in Japan

Kanazawa Castle in Kanazawa, Japan

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Love this shot, castles are one of my favorites. I’ve been wanting to see Japan for myself. Hopefully I can make it out there this year!

That looks incredibly modern and clean!


That’s Japan! :-)

Will surely visit Japan one day. Matt, i sent you mails but did not get a reply from you. I bought your 4 products and was only able to download one. I sent you mail and dropped a comment here but i did not hear from you.


A very modern looking castle. Beautiful photo.

Looks very modern. Any idea when it was constructed?

Thanks! That’s surprising. But, admittedly, I don’t know much about Japanese history.

Beautiful photo! I love it.


Japan is an amazing country!! for sure is my favorite place that i ever visited!! I would go back if i could!!!
Love the people, the organization, the technology, everything in there is just wonderful!!!

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