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brings back memories…

oh man I have been thinking about Greece a lot lately and waiting for a huge drop in airfare because of the economic downfall. This pictures is perfect today!

Cool photo Matt. How are you liking Ios? Is it an island we should see when we get to Greece?

Excellent photo. I recommend getting to Chios as well – an excellent place to chill out and unwind. Free wifi in an excellent hostel in town ran by an expat Kiwi.

Also puts you nice and close to Turkey …

Great photo! I have a great memory there :)

someday I’m gonna take a picture of this view myself.. :)

I like the contrast between the white houses and the clear blue sky. Beautiful!

lovely place. never been there, although our ferry made a stop here on the way to Santorini, and it looks great from the shore!

brings me back to a week spent with 3 Australians beach bumming during the day and clubbing well into the morning. 1 dollar gyros. wandering through blue and white labyrinths.

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