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I haven’t been to Northern Europe yet (will be in Copenhagen in July though), but this looks fantastic. A bit of New England in a Venice-like setting. Very neat. Can’t wait to see it for myself. Love the tall roofs by the way.

definitely on my list !!

I loved Copenhagen – is this down by the cannels? Nyhavn?


Yeah, it’s right in that area.

Nice! I wanna go to Copenhagen some day.. this photo reminds me of Amsterdam.. :)


It does the same to me.


I’ve seen a similar view in Istanbul – Turkey but these different color of houses are really amuzing


This picture makes me so nostalgic!!! I’ve been to Copenhagen once 5 years ago, and I can’t wait to go back! Scandinavia is an awesome place to travel and Denmark is especially awesome.
Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer Apell

I have a photo that is very similar to this. I’ve only spent a weekend in Copenhagen, but, in that time, it somehow made itself my favorite city in the world.



The colors are awesome…

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