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It looks like the Planet of the Apes! I’m heading back down to NZ in 2 years so intend to go to Tongariro. Cheers for the pic.

OK, to add to the movie comparisons, how Lord-of-the-Ringsy…. Nice shot! How cold did it get?


It was super hot while I was there as I was there in mid-summer.

Moooooooordooooooooor! Looks familiar!

Wow! What a great backpacking trip! Did you do some camping there or was it just a day hike sort of thing?


The crossing is just a 1 day trek. Takes about 9 hrs…or took me about 9 with all the stops, pictures, and rests.

Wow fantastic shot! I’m visiting New Zealand next year and can’t wait to photograph the spectacular scenery.

Great pic…path leading to the cloud!

New Zealand has such amazing terrain. Love the image of the mountain about to be devoured by the storm.

How was it up top?


It rained. Hard. And there was no place for cover.

Patsy wells

Nice picture!


Yeah, you can do the Tongararo crossing in one very long day. It’s the best 1 day hike in NZ!

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