The Weekly Photo: Gili Islands

By Nomadic Matt | Published August 28th, 2010

the gili islands and blue water in Indonesia

The Gili Islands in Indonesia

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Coolness. Can’t wait to get to the Gilis soon!


They are beautiful! (Lots of Swedish people there too!)

We visited the Gilis last summer and I fell in love instantly. If you’re ever heading back, stay at Marta’s…great two story rooms with breakfast and a lovely little pool. The owner, Joanna, came as a Scuba instructor and never left. She’s wonderful!

Wow this looks so pretty! I’m Indonesian but I’ve never been there myself, such a shame. Thanks for sharing this!


You should go! It’s beautiful!


Gili Islands are beautiful!! I loved more Gili Meno than Gili Trawangan, there you can really feel like you’re Robinson Crusoe!


Thanks for the translation! Never knew that!

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